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1. 10-Light Sputnik Chandelier // 2. Mirage Jungle Wallpaper // 3. Blackout Thermal Drapes //

4. Metal Crib // 5. Victoria 4-Drawer Dresser // 6. Nola Rocking Chair //

7. Ledet Off-White Area Rug // 8. Adelaide Pouf

Hey, Friends! It's Moodboard Monday and I'm swooning over this whimsical baby boy jungle nursery! Nursery's are by far my favourite to design - there is something so special about them! The wallpaper is so neutral that if you loved it and were having a girl you could incorporate it into her room, too! My favourite part about this nursery is the dresser because it can grow with baby! When investing in a dresser for your nursery, keep the style in mind for this reason. There are many "nursery" specific dressers that can grow tacky when your little one is older. Another feature of the dresser that I love is the height - it makes it easy to change your babe on! You will thank me later for telling you this ;). I also love that the rocking chair could be moved into a living room after you're no longer using it, too!

The light fixture chosen is absolutely beautiful, however, it would be ideal if your nursery was on the larger size and you had taller ceilings then 8'. If your nursery is smaller then 10x10 and you have 8' ceilings, I would recommend this one instead.

The geometric area rug, blackout dark grey curtains and knitted pouf tie everything together perfectly and complete the room! Blackout curtains are a must in a nursery as it helps tons when babe is napping!

If you feel like the crib bedding doesn't quite fit, you're right - it doesn't I It was part of the stock image from Wayfair for the crib and I couldn't get rid of it. If you are interested in the crib bedding for when your babe is older, shop it here! Everything has been sourced from Wayfair but if you're on a budget and would like similar items sourced please contact me here and I will tell you how we can work together!

XX, Samantha

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