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When you're mixing and matching dining tables and chairs it can be challenging to figure out which matches best with which. I would only invest in neutral, versatile pieces that will last you years as what you like may change. As you may have seen in this post I'm clearly a sucker for wood dining tables! I know our next table when we renovate our kitchen will most likely be a wood table! Since I shared a variety of wood dining tables, I thought I'd share 7 chairs that would pair well with a round, wood table! I know everything I have been sharing has been from - their website is very user friendly and they have a HUGE catalogue of products to choose from. It's a great source for inspiration!

1. Whitten Round Dining Table // 2. Busch Upholstered Dining Chair // 3. Brigg Solid Wood Dining Chair //

4. Malinda Upholstered Dining Chair // 5. Renne Alkasen Side Chair // 6. Brookwood Solid Wood Side Chair //

7. Javier Upholstered Dining Chair // 8. Haleigh Oval Back Upholstered Dining Chair

*Sources from Bottom Left, up, to Bottom Right*

Each and everyone of these chairs would offer a different style and feeling in a dining space! If you're on a budget and would like other options, connect with me and I'll share with you how we can work together!

XX, Samantha

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