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Bathrooms are often a neglected space throughout the home. Sure you've got the necessities in there, but does it feel spa-like?! They're a space in the home that are always thought about last because well we usually spend a LOT more time in other spaces in our home. Now is a great time to REFRESH your bathroom with spring around the corner! Imagine waking up and doing your bedtime routines with these beautiful pieces in your bathroom? As always, if you're looking for alternative options and need help with your space, please send me an email and I'll show you how we can work together!

1. Framed Water Color Art // 2. Gold Framed Mirror // 3. 10-Piece Towel Set // 4. Shower Curtain // 5. Soap Dispenser // 6. Gold Organizer // 7. Faux Orchid Flower // 8. "BATH" Mat // 9. 8-Piece Towel Set // 10. Wicker Waste Basket

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