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When we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 and we were far enough along, I was pre-planning the nursery for either a boy or a girl. As much as I have told myself "ohhhh, keep it a surprise! it will be so much fun! you can do it!" haha I just couldn't. I'm a planner and as soon as we were able to find out what we were having I needed to know. We were both convinced and about 99% positive we were having a boy so everything up until the 20 week ultrasound I was drawn to everything boy - decor, clothes, toys, etc. BUT THEN, when we opened the envelope we saw we were actually having a BABY GIRL!!! We were both very surprised, but also very happy that our baby was healthy and growing as she should. That night, you bet I was on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration!

There are a few things we will be using from Amelias nursery - the glider and her crib. As for the rest of the room.. here is the mood board I'm going to go off of! Wayfair is my go-to for home furniture, decor, etc for inspiration.. but I'm sure I will source a few of these things from other stores!

1. Glider // 2. Crib // 3. Dresser // 4. Light fixture // 5. Area Rug // 6. Nightstand // 7. Laundry Hamper // 8. Left Bunny Portrait & Right Bunny Portrait // 9. Blackout Curtains

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