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When I started with the rug for this living room mood board I was on the fence on how it would all come together... I mean, the rug by itself was VERY busy. But once I added the ivory sectional and then the gold accents I knew this living room was going to be SOO DREAMY! I kept it neutral with the accent pillows on the sectional. With the end table, I thought about finding something similar to the coffee table with the gold frame but to me it felt like just a little bit too much gold. With that said I would change the knobs on the end table to some gold ones from your local home hardware store. Add your favourite decor accents to the tables and your room is complete!

1. Area Rug // 2. Gold Coffee Table // 3. Sectional // 4. Blue Throw Pillows // 5. Grey Throw Pillows // 6. Light Grey Throw Pillow // 7. Grey End Table // 8. Dachshund Portrait // 9. Alpaca Portrait // 10. Gold Mirror // 11. Light Fixture

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