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Not exactly sure where to start, but have some ideas in mind? In my 60-minute design consultation you have the opportunity to ask me anything! Time goes by quick, so come prepared with your questions and design inspirations to maximize our time together!


Ready to give that space a fresh look? Included in the Interior Styling Package is a 2D floor plan, design board, a complete shopping list with alternative options for you. Perfect for when you need me to pull it together but feel confident executing the assembly + styling yourself.


In addition to the inclusions of the Interior Styling, the VIP also comes with assembly + styling as well as furniture ordering + tracking. You tell me what room you want to refresh + style, and then after you designs approved, I take it from there! 


Prefer to contract out your project yourself, but need someone to pull your vision together in a cohesive design? This package is perfect for you. We will discuss your project together, requirements of the space + budget. From there I will draft you a floor plan as well as provide you with design boards with materials + selections as well as a shopping list.

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